Everton named Roberto Martinez as their new manager on Wednesday with the former Wigan Athletic boss pledging to bring Champions League football to the Premier League club.

"Obviously the aim of Everton should be to get into Europe and and the Champions League. That does not mean next season or the next competition that we go into, that has to be the aim of the football club for the future. Because what David Moyes has done over the last 11 years is put that platform in place and that is not going to happen overnight or with a large amount of money or finances coming our way. In football you need to be creative you need to find a way to be competitive and that takes time. And that's what as Evertonions we need to look at the future as a football club we want to be involved in Europe and the Champions League but that is going to take process and take a few steps on the way and we need to have always that dream to fight for," new Everton boss, Roberto Martinez said.