A Fast and Furious Fight Series event in Southampton on October 16 came to a halt after one of the fighters sustained fatal injuries. Saeiedh "Sai" Aletaha had to be taken to the hospital after she collapsed during her match. Even after receiving treatment, Aletaha was unable to recover. Friends, family, and the mixed martial arts community was shocked to learn of her demise hours after she was admitted to a hospital.

The 26-year-old Loughborough University student had been a part of the Lookborai Gym. Aletaha, of British-Iranian descent, had only recently started her career as an amateur MMA fighter. After months of training with the Lookborai Gym, Aletaha had taken part in the Fast and Furious Fight Series event on Saturday. Even though Aletaha had some in-ring experience, the fight at Southampton ended up being her last.

During a lightweight division match, Aletaha collapsed in the ring. One of the organisers, Exile Gym, claimed that the event had doctors, paramedics, and ambulances present to ensure the safety of the wrestlers. After sustaining her injury Aletaha received medical attention ringside while South Central Ambulance Service had been alerted.

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MMA fighter Sai Aletaha lost her life after sustaining injuries during a match. UTCUK

An ambulance arrived at Central Hall shortly after receiving the call. Aletaha was rushed to Southampton General Hospital where she received further treatment. However, shortly after midnight, the hospital contacted Hampshire Police alerting them of Aletaha's critical condition.

On Sunday, October 17, Aletaha succumbed to brain injuries. Due to her death, there is now an ongoing investigation to ascertain the cause of her demise.

Lookborai and Exile Gym, the two organising bodies of the Fast and Furious Fight Series, have released social media statements paying respects to the fallen fighter.

Lookborai shared that Aletaha used to travel many miles to train for her fights at the gym. They pointed out that even though she had only joined the gym a few months back, she had become a part of the Lookborai family.

The Mirror shared Exile Gym's defence of the event. Exile Gym claimed that fighters had to undergo pre and post-match health checks conducted by doctors. The post pointed out that 19 events had been well organised and incident-free. Even though the gym defended its event, they offered their support to those who need it following the fighter's death.