The first Chinese Olympic athletes to arrive in the UK are settling into their training routine. The 51-strong swimming team has not long checked into Leeds for the next couple of months and the city might seem like an unlikely place - at just over 200 miles away from London - but the local University's aquatic facilities are spot on - and in demand.

Yuan Haoran, who heads up the Chinese Swimming team said: "….From what we understand the Dutch team has also chosen Leeds, and they'll be training here next week. This way, if both national teams train in the same pool it may get a bit crowded, so we've split up our team into two groups. One group is training here, and another is training in Bath"

In the last few years, China's got its swimming mojo back: their hopes for a Gold are being pinned on 20-year-old Sun Yang, who's training down in Bath. He's tipped to take the top medal for the Men's 1500m Freestyle, because he's already the world record holder in the event and was first in last year's World Championships. He'll also be competing in the Men's 200 and 400m Freestyles.

It's not all about the swimmers though, because the country's fielding teams across a range of disciplines: Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Fencing, Track & Field, Boxing, Women's Field Hockey and Canoe Slalom - and The University of Leeds is putting everyone up for the duration of the Games.