A video showing a toddler climbing a fridge Bruce Lee-style has gone viral. The one-minute clip shows a little Asian boy, dubbed Spider-kid by the online community, climbing a fridge with the kind of skill only seen in kung-fu movies.

He can be seen first climbing to the top of the fridge empty-handed before returning to the ground to collect his toy car and taking it back up with him.

The youngster shows great upper-body strength as he makes his ascent, oblivious to the potential danger of serious injury - as is the person with the camera.

Hundreds of thousands of fascinated viewers have flocked online to share their views on the child's very special skills.

One commentator wrote: "Children have some unreal upper body strength. Real out of proportion. It's amazing how fast we lose that as we grow up."

Another viewer said: "Little kid is gona own a ninja school when he grows up."