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We are seldom surprised to hear of people dying in wars or accidents or natural disasters or police shootouts... while we cringe at the fact of death, particularly in large numbers, the fact that so many American soldiers died in Iraq or Afghanistan is usually either accepted as a part of the risk that comes with the job or is occasion to unleash a barrage of criticism on the government that happens to be in charge. Some deaths, however, are treated with a tinge of disbelief... almost as if it ought to be impossible to die when in the midst of an activity that seems so far removed from the spectre of mortality.

This may come as a surprise but to date there have been well over 75 footballers who died where they often brought pleasure and joy to their supporters... on the pitch, playing the game that was their life and the game that eventually took it.

In memory of the recently deceased former Welsh player and national team manager, who committed suicide for reasons as yet unknown, we bring you a list of footballers who died with a football at their feet...