At a college in the town of Rugby, a somewhat unusual polo match is taking place. Instead of galloping horses and riders, the players hit the ball with a mallet from a Segway.

Described as a cross between polo and hockey on the self-balancing motorised scooter, Segway Polo is a modern take on the usually fast-paced sport that has long been embraced by the elite.

Britain hosted its first international Segway Polo tournament at the weekend in an event that drew teams from countries such as Germany, Finland, Barbados and the UK.

Among cheers from the crowd, players spinned around on their two-wheel Segway scooters and zapped down the sports fields of Rugby College at a maximum speed of 12.5mph as they sought to score goals.

"To be a great player you've got to be relaxed, it's all about being smooth, relaxed, a good eye for the ball and take your time," Mark Weller, a player and organiser, said.

"It's a very friendly sport generally but there are a few teams when they meet again for their fifth, sixth time, tempers can flare a little bit."

Each team played seven games with the top two going through to an all-German final in which Balver Mammuts beat The Funky Move Turtles 2-1.

Segway scooters have grown increasingly popular and the sport also has a growing fan base, including longtime Segway Polo player, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.