Horrific footage from Syria has been leaked to You Tube showing a man being tortured by men in army uniforms inside one of the country's detention centre. The images are extraordinarily graphic and disturbing, so we're not showing the worst of these. But, please be aware that the section of footage we have decided to show may still be upsetting.

The video appears to show a young man being beaten mercilessly apparently at one of the regime's centres in Kafranbel in the Idleb Region. We're not sure how old he is though whoever uploaded the video says he's at least 18 years old. As one man in uniform takes charge, he accuses the detainee of being a traitor for standing against the Allawites (Syria's ruling Shia minority). He says 'So you want your freedom? The video goes onto show the man being whipped with what looks like a piece of cable, being punched in the face, then kicked to the floor, with one uniformed man standing across the top of the man's back. There's no evidence of the young man's name or even if he's dead or alive.

The United Nations says the violence between Syrian soldiers and opposition forces has killed more than 10,000 people in the 16 month long conflict, with activist groups have put the death toll at more than 15,000. Just last weekend in Geneva an action group of world leaders met to agree on how a transitional government should be set up in Syria to try and end the civil war.

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