Greek parliament on Wednesday (October 16) voted to lift the parliamentary immunity of six lawmakers from the Golden Dawn Party so that judicial officials can freely pursue them over possible criminal activities of the party.

Greece has opened a criminal investigation into the party since the killing of a 34-year old left-wing rapper by a Golden Dawn supporter last month.

The vote was overwhelmingly passed by the 247 deputies voting in parliament on Wednesday. Golden Dawn deputies expressed anger over the vote.

On Thursday, parliament will also vote on whether to cut state funding for the party based on legislation that says parties whose leaders or lawmakers are prosecuted for felonies will lose state funding.

Prosecutors investigating Golden Dawn's links to about 30 criminal offences and violent attacks, including the stabbing of the rapper, have charged the leader, five lawmakers and dozens of party members with participation in a criminal organisation. After responding to the charges, three of them were jailed, including its leader, pending trial and the rest were conditionally released.

Golden Dawn, Greece's third most popular party, has denied any wrongdoing. If convicted of criminal association, Golden Dawn lawmakers face as much as 10 years in jail.

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