Six Greenpeace activists are climbing up the Shard building in London to protest against oil company Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic.
Standing over 1,000 ft as the tallest building in Western Europe, protesters have said once they reach the top of the buildingthey will hang a banner which will capture the "beauty of the Arctic".
One of the climbers, Victoria Henry, 32, a Canadian living in Hackney, London, had tweeted beforehand: "Months of training and secrecy end here. I'm scared but incredibly excited about today".
A spoksperson for the Shard said that they were working with the relevant authorities to try to ensure the safety of those concerned
Greenpeacre activists have previously forced the closure of dozens of Shell pterol stations in London and Edinburgh in protest at the company's plans to drill for oil in the Arctic.
Written and presented by Alfred Joyner