Greenpeace released new video footage on Friday (November 8), showing the moment Russian authorities stormed the environmental group's boat the Arctic Sunrise in September.

Twenty-eight Greenpeace activists and crew members, and two journalists, were detained following a Sept. 18 protest in which activists tried to scale Russia's first offshore Arctic oil rig, the Prirazlomnaya, owned by state energy company Gazprom.

The video shows masked Russian officers armed with rifles, descending down ropes from a helicopter hovering over the Arctic Sunrise and confronting people on the boat, while photojournalist Denis Sinyakov takes photographs in the background. The video then shows the boat being towed to the Russian port city Murmansk.

The 30 detainees were initially charged with piracy and faced up to 15 years in jail, but the charges were subsequently relaxed to hooliganism, cutting the maximum jail sentence to seven years.

Activists have been held in jail in Russia's far-north city of Murmansk, but Greenpeace said on Nov. 1 that Russia was preparing to move them to St. Petersburg.

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