Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp, who has evinced interest in the vacant managerial position of the English national team, feels the job ought to go to an older manager with experience.

"I suppose there's not a million candidates, you know, Roy Hodgson and Sam Allardyce and whoever. And there's some young managers like Nigel Adkins and people like that, who in the future, I'm sure, would be fantastic, but, at the moment, probably too young. It is an older man's job, I think. It's not a job for a young guy," quoted Redknapp as saying.

The 65-year-old Englishman, who is one of the favourites to succeed Italian boss Fabio Capello, following the latter's sacking early this year, also believes England's next boss should be an English national.

"I said all along I think it needs an English manager. I think we need to give somebody a go. We've not achieved anything with foreign managers. Capello did okay, for sure - a bad World Cup [in 2010] - but we haven't really torn up any trees, so why not give it to somebody from here," he added.

However, Redknapp recently stated he was in a dilemma... his interest in the national team post being balanced with his responsibilities to Tottenham. He also added that he had not been officially approached by the FA.

"I've got a job to do at Tottenham and I've got to really keep concentrating on my job there, which I do 100 per cent, and see what happens at the end of the year. I have never been approached by England or anybody else. I've got to weigh it all up at the end of the year and I've got to do what I feel is right for myself and what I feel is right for my family," The Sun quoted Redknapp as saying.

England, who are currently being managed by temporary care taker Stuart Pearce, have been placed in Group D for the 2012 European Championships; along with France, Sweden, and Ukraine. The tournament starts on 8 June.