High-tech gadgets that make home life a breeze were the highlight of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where the forefront of design and technology greet consumers.

Visitors at the annual Las Vegas convention on Wednesday (January 8) were treated to the introduction of "Double," a $2,500 (£1518) robot that is the ultimate tool for mobile teleconferencing. Created by Doublerobotics, it works with any iPad allowing users the ability to have a remote controlled, physical presence in the office, enabling face-to-face conversations anytime.

"The idea is to be able to work at home and have a better experience," explained David Cann, co-founder of Doublerobotics. "It is really the next generation of telecommuting."

If getting to work is a problem, then Bosch may have the solution. Their "E-Bike," a battery powered electric bike provides a generous sampling of power that can help make an uphill climb less so.

"You can go into turbo mode to sport mode," said David Howard, of Bosch industries. "Let's say you are commuting to work and you are in the hills of San Francisco and you get to a high incline and you want to flatten that out, you hit turbo and it takes you from a 10 percent grade to a zero. It basically gives you super human legs."

An all-silicone contraption by Foreo may not look like a toothbrush, but it is. Whatever it is, it looks like the future with its sleek design - no nylon bristles by the way - and is being promoted as a beauty routine for your smile. The company will launch the silicone toothbrush this spring with a retail price of $200 (£121).

The fact is, on just about any corner of the convention floor is someone's "brilliant" idea. Dreams that range from the "Butt Shaper,"- a treadmill device that shakes what you have- to an army of drones that offer 360 degree air surveillance for your home.

Amid the 3,200 exhibitors that have travelled around the world for the show, you never know which one may be the next big thing.

Presented by Adam Justice