It's no secret that Bitcoin is the top global cryptocurrency. Consequently, many people across the world are looking for ways to earn or own Bitcoin. Backed and powered by blockchain, this virtual currency relies on a decentralized, public ledger to secure and record transactions. Efficiency and low transaction fees are some of the reasons why many people choose Bitcoin over fiat cash. But do you have to spend fiat money to earn Bitcoin?

How to Earn Bitcoin without Spending Your
How to Earn Bitcoin without Spending Your Money Pixabay

Most people know and use platforms like Bitcoin Champion to purchase and sell this digital currency. Also called cryptocurrency exchanges, these platforms enable people to trade Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. However, trading is not the only way to earn Bitcoin. Essentially, you can own this virtual currency without spending your money. Here's how you can do this.

Work with Crypto-based Companies

The world has many crypto-based companies today. Such companies will most likely pay you with Bitcoin if you work for them. For instance, you can work as a content creator, digital marketer, or web designer for a crypto-based company. With some of these enterprises, you don't have to travel to their offices. Instead, you work remotely from the convenience of your living space. What's more, you can work as a part-time employee, thereby enjoying more flexible work hours. Additionally, some of these companies provide competitive packages.

Earn Bitcoin Dividends

Earning Bitcoin dividends is also another way to make this virtual currency without spending your money. However, this approach requires capital to purchase some bitcoins first and then hold onto them for some time. Developers can pay you to keep digital assets on their behalf. Besides, you can do this without staking the tokens in your digital wallet. Holding bitcoins for a while can work with this approach. The notion behind this approach is that Bitcoin's value increases depending on the number of people who buy it. As such, developers attempt to draw more buyers by revealing the number of investors they have. Some of the famous providers of Bitcoin dividends include NEO, KUCOIN, CEFF, and COSS.

Get Bitcoin Back

Many online stores leverage the disruptive methods of attracting consumers to promote their outlets and meet Bitcoin enthusiasts' needs. Giving consumers Bitcoin Back is among the best ways to do this. Currently, some online retailers provide Bitcoin Back to customers with every purchase on their store. Firefox and Google Chrome browser extensions are the recent entrants in this game. Other companies offer Bitcoin Back and discounts via their online shops. These outlets can give you Bitcoin Back between 1% and 30% when you complete an online payment.

Decentralized Finance Yield Farming

Decentralized Finance projects need workers. You can lock funds in a network and then grant a decentralized finance token liquidity with this method. Some people also call this method Liquid Mining. With these projects, you get a reward for locking up your Bitcoins. And this reward is mainly in the form of Bitcoins. Some of the popular decentralized finance sources are Kyber Network, Compound, and OX.


Maybe you're passionate about writing. Perhaps, you love expressing your ideas with the utmost independence and freedom. In that case, you can earn Bitcoin without spending your hard-earned money. Many artists and writers struggle to deal with censorship from different sources. However, decentralized applications allow you to earn Bitcoin from producing content with ultimate autonomy. And you can earn Bitcoin from blogging or writing about Bitcoin.

Final Thoughts

Buying Bitcoin with fiat money is not the only way to earn this virtual currency. You can use your skills to do small jobs and receive Bitcoin payments. You can also invest a tiny amount of money to earn Bitcoin dividends. Nevertheless, be wary of crypto scams and outlets promising you large Bitcoin payouts. Ideally, research any method you want to use to get Bitcoin without spending your money.