The HTC One launched a year ago and has become the company's biggest selling smartphone ever.

This should have been a great platform from which to reinvigorate a company struggling financially in the shark-infested waters of the smartphone market - or so you would have thought.

In fact, despite the "success" of the One, HTC's smartphone sales overall fell by 29% in 2013 - while the smartphone market in general grew by 36%.

Something is clearly not right, and it is unclear how the launch of the new HTC One (M8) will rectify this situation.

"We learned from last year, so what we are going to do a little bit different this year is that we are going to have more phones to offer."

So says Peter Frølund , managing director of HTC in the UK, speaking to IBTimes UK this week the day after the big global launch this week of the M8.