Altcat AI girlfriend
The adult industry is adopting AI for tasks like chatting and image generation. Altcat / Instagram

The adult industry has a well-earned reputation for being an early adapter of new technologies, a tradition that stretches back to the printing press in the 15th century. This pioneering spirit continues today, with the industry experimenting with and integrating artificial intelligence (AI).

This is because AI is making waves in the adult industry, with applications in everything from chatbots to creating digital replicas of popular influencers. Let's explore how this technology is shaping popular adult platforms like OnlyFans.

AI Vixens

Some very good examples of how AI is shaping the adult entertainment industry is how stars like Riley Reid created AI versions of themselves, while platforms like Fanvue prioritizes AI-generated characters for their content.

Ana Levy, CMO of My.Club (a platform offering AI twin creation), emphasises the adult industry's historical role in pioneering technological advancements. "We sincerely believe that the adult industry always drives all the technology," Levy said.

The top executive noted that the adult industry "is the most responsive industry," driving all the changes into what they do, although experimentation with AI has sparked both excitement and fear.

As far as creators are concerned, AI can alleviate the pressure of constantly producing new content and engaging with fans. Moreover, the possibility of becoming a digital character has piqued the curiosity of many.

However, with the skyrocketing popularity of platforms like OnlyFans, where fan relationships are essential, some creators need to be more aware of how overreliance on AI could lead to audience alienation. OnlyFans creator Isla Moon expressed concern about the potential for AI to erode genuine fan connections.

"I'm seeing so many of my fans get riled up and upset if they have the slightest little thought of 'Am I not talking to you for real? I'm slightly nervous about that," she said. Others fear AI could become a game-changer, pushing creators entirely out of the picture.

OnlyFans creator Jada Sparks believes fans who spend the most on content creators may seek a sense of connection and validation. Even if that validation comes from an impersonal source, it can still hold meaning, according to Sparks.

AI-Powered Chatbots

For adult content creators on platforms like OnlyFans, engaging directly with fans through chats and messages has become a core aspect of their success. Some see it as a potential path for lonely fans to build non-sexual connections, while others raise concerns about fostering isolation and hindering real-world relationships.

Moon cited the practice of some creators using cloned voices and employee-generated voice notes to impersonate genuine communication with subscribers. "That's the part that stresses me out a lot," she said. "At what point are [the fans] going to not trust what I'm saying?"

AI Digital Twins

In addition to chatbots and voice replicas, new startups are venturing into creating complete "digital twins" for influencers. These digital doppelgangers, also known as duplicates, can even generate images.

Jessica Moore, an adult content creator who utilized My.Club to generate a digital twin expressed enthusiasm for the project's multifaceted potential. Beyond the prospect of increased revenue, she was intrigued by her AI counterpart's creative possibilities and ability to interact with other AI characters.

AI-Generated Influencers

AI-generated characters have also taken the internet by storm. One such example is the Spanish character Aitana, who has garnered a significant following on Instagram and participates in the adult content industry.

Aitana is a model created by artificial intelligence (AI) and the first in Spain. Instagram / @fit_aitana

A recent surge has seen the emergence of AI-generated influencers sporting provocative attire and physiques that push the boundaries of reality. These virtual avatars have garnered significant social media followings, with some boasting hundreds of thousands of fans.

According to interviews with some content creators, the higher earning potential within the adult content industry influenced their decision to focus on this genre.