The trail of destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy has left some 90 people dead and left thousands of people battling lack of electricity, transportation problems, severe flooding and now widespread fuel shortages in New York and New Jersey.

This unverified footage posted on You Tube shows two men arguing at one of the few petrol stations which are open, over the lack of fuel.Off camera a voice says 'gas is very important'.

Anger is growing in the Staten Island area, where 19 people died,at the delay in bringing aid, with litter piling up and residents picking through the debris of storm-ravaged homes. James Molinaro, the borough's president, complained the American Red Cross was "nowhere to be found".Power officials hope to restore electricity to all of Manhattan and more areas on Brooklyn by tomorrow but some power companies say it is likely to be the 11th of Nov.

Meanwhile, you can't keep a good man down, or in this case a good President, as campaigning for Tuesday's US presidential election - suspended earlier in the week - has fully resumed.

Written and presented by Ann Salter