Passing the buck or calling for real change over what's fast becoming a real bugbear issue for Olympic sports fans. Call it what you will – and in light of the empty seats saga, with scores of people being unable to buy tickets for events they desperately want to see today British Olympic Association fought back saying the current ticketing system needs modernising.

Colin Moynihan, Head of British Olympic Association says: "…. I think that it is a major ask of any organising committee to invest hundreds of millions of pounds into a ticketing operation which is highly complex from a clean sheet of paper. And this is an opportunity for the IOC to put in place an overall ticketing system which can be improved at each games going forward.

The rumblings over tickets still haven't put a dampener on our most recent Team GB medal hauls though: 3 cheers for the Showjumping Equestrian team (which includes Princess Zara) for winning a Silver today and the Men's Gymnastics team on landing their Bronze medals last night!