Whenever a piece of work is translated into a different language, there is a chance that certain details might be lost in translation.

A Russian version of the Oscar-winning Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady has taken things one step further by redubbing some scenes in the film with completely different dialogue.

In one scene Thatcher, played by Streep, claims she would like to "crush the working class, crush the scum, the yobs".

Throughout the pirated version of the film, as revealed by the Guardian,Thatcher is retooled as an admirer of Hitler aiming to destroy the working classes and looking to purposefully start the Falklands War.

Clearly the work of a staunch opponent of Thatcher's legacy of privatisation, the translator alters a scene so that one of her advisers admits that her public image will lead to rumours that she is a "pitiless, heartless bitch".

The whole film is redubbed by a single man, whose identity is unknown. His political work did not go unrewarded, however, as his version of the film was positively reviewed by one critic from the Russian newspaper Kommersant.