Jennifer Lopez
An alleged stalker was arrested after living in the pool house of Jennifer Lopez's Hamptons mansion for several days without getting noticed.

Jennifer Lopez's alleged stalker was arrested after he was found living in the pool house of her $10 million Hamptons mansion for several days.

According to celebrity site, John M. Dubis slept in the star's pool house without getting noticed and even walked around the 8,500 sq ft estate freely.

J-Lo was not at the property while her admirer took up residence.

Southampton police say that 49-year-old Dubis moved into the former American idol judge's beachfront pad in early August and managed to stay for six days without her security team realising he was there.

During his stay, he reportedly hung out openly in view of neighbours and even posted Facebook photos of himself all over the grounds.

He allegedly told police he had pleasured himself in the garden because he thought J-Lo wanted him to 'spread his seed throughout the world'.

Dubis was eventually taken into police custody on 8 August where he was charged with burglary, stalking, and criminal contempt.

He pleaded not guilty, and is currently sitting in jail on $100,000 bail. The judge has ordered a mental evaluation.

Lopez is said to have been 'completely freaked out' by the intrusion and ordered a review of the security before returning to the home.

She was previously targeted by the obsessed fan when he contacted her mother earlier this year. She subsequently took out a protective order against him.

Dubis was subsequently hit with an anti-harassment order in 2011.