Johnny Depp has come under fire for featuring on British band Bluebird's latest track, 'Jesus Stag Night Club'.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor co-wrote the lyrics which Christian groups have slammed as "a disgrace."

The song is about a group of lads out on a stag night which takes an exciting turn when they meet a Jesus look-a-like.

The song features lyrics such as: "Saw a man in the street lying on the floor beaten up/ He had a fish finger sandwich and a yellow M coffee cup/ I bent down drunk and tried to pick him up/ But when I turned around I could was Jesus.../ I can't remember where I was last night/ Think I was hanging on a church spire/ Tied by my ankles to a weathervane"

Lee Douglas of the Christian Coalition told The Huffington Post that Johnny Depp has damned himself to hell: "I'm sure he thinks he's being very funny but he's simply a disgrace," he said.

"One day Johnny Depp and his cronies will face the judgment of our Lord and they will burn in hell for this filth."

Babybird frontman Stephen Jones is a close friend of Depp's with the two working on several previous projects. Their song "Unloveable" was co-written by Depp, he also directed the music video.