Johny Hendricks has revealed that he wishes the returning Georges St-Pierre stayed outside the UFC.

St-Pierre was recently confirmed to be making his return to the UFC after a three-year hiatus when he vacated his welterweight title in December 2013.

The Canadian last fought Hendricks in what was a highly-controversial split decision win, where many people, including UFC president Dana White, scored the win for Hendricks.

Hendricks was surprised that the 35-year-old decided to make his return but insisted he would love get a chance at revenge.

"I am (surprised to see him back), I wish he would've stayed out," Hendricks said as quoted on the MMA Hour. "But you know what, a competitor is always going to be a competitor and we'll see how he comes back. I heard he might becoming to 185, so you know I do (want a piece)."

Hendricks, who was on a recent losing run, much of which was due to his inability to cut weight to 170 pounds for the welterweight division, recently made his debut at middleweight at UFC Fight Night 105 on 19 February.

"Bigg Rigg" finally ended his losing streak as he registered his first win in March 2015 with a unanimous decision win over Hector Lombard. Citing how he went through his rough period, the 33-year-old took a jab at St-Pierre, also claiming that the time he took off may be too much to overcome.

"So like I went through my rough period, and I did something and was able to bounce back," Hendricks added. "Whenever he went through his rough period, he got out."

"Yeah, you can train, yeah you could do these things, but has he done enough to where he is going to be able to come back a different fighter?"

St-Pierre recently stated that he is in better shape than ever, however, Hendricks believes that after the way he exposed the Canadian, many will follow in using that gameplan.

"Time changes, it always does," he explained. "One day, the time is going to change where I am not going to be able to compete with these guys anymore. It's just the way that it is."

"Once I showed how to defeat Georges St-Pierre, I think people are going to start using that gameplan and it's going to be harder on him."