Three Jordanian athletes facing a string of sexual offence charges in Northern Ireland have been withdrawn from the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The three men were arrested at Antrim's Sports forum which Jordan is using as their training base, following serious allegations by two girls and two women. Power-lifters Omar Sami Qaradhi is charged with two counts of sexual assault and one of voyeurism, Motaz al-Junad is charged with one charge of sexual assault, and their trainer, Faisal Hammash, faces two counts of causing a child to engage in sexual activity. The men have been bailed and returned to Jordan.

The Jordanian National Paralympic Committee told Locog that the athletes, two of whom are wheelchair users, would not be participating in the Games.

A spokeswoman from the Jordanian embassy in London, said the accused would be brought back for trial in Northern Ireland by her government and offered a surety, adding: "His majesty the King of Jordan was inquiring about the matter and was asking about all the details."

Written and presented by Ann Salter