Conor McGregor's peers have been taking potshots at the Irishman following his loss to Nate Diaz. Former Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC), Jose Aldo, has now hit out at McGregor calling him a "p***y that quits," while labelling the UFC 196 fight an embarrassment.

This criticism comes just a few days after current heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum slammed the 27-year-old, calling him a "prostitute" and threatening to bash him with a chair. Speaking to the media, Aldo said, "You will come back to the featherweight division with your tail between your legs after what happened after that embarrassment. You will come back. My hand almost caught you, but when it does for good, you will sleep", as quoted by Yahoosports.

"He's a lion when he's attacking but a kitten when he's getting beat up. Everybody saw in his eyes that he's just a p***y that quits when he's getting beat up. That's what we saw."

"I'm waiting for the rematch. It's the right thing to do in my opinion because there was no fight and everybody wants to see a fight. Everybody wants to see me beating him up, and that's what I'm going to do. I will run through him, that's a fact. I don't see other scenario in my head besides going there and winning and getting my belt back."

The feud between the two has been continuing ever since McGregor beat Aldo at UFC 194. The Irishman pummelled Aldo in the first round, ending his 10-year unbeaten record. There is also talk of unhappiness among the featherweight division fighters over rumours that UFC 200 will see a potential re-match between Nate Diaz and McGregor.

The Irishman was expected to return to his championship weight class to defend his title against Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar but that might not happen with authorities keen on a Diaz-McGregor rematch.