Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor suffered his first loss to Nate Diaz in UFC 196 Getty

Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) Fabricio Werdum has slammed Conor McGregor, claiming he is tired of his antics off the ring, calling him a 'prostitute' and threatening to bash him with a chair. The two fighters don't really like each other, taking pot shots at each other whenever possible.

The feud started a while back when the Irishman questioned Werdum's decision to pull out of the UFC 196 with an injured foot. McGregor attacked Werdum's decision during an acceptance speech at the fighters only Mixed Martial Awards (MMA), calling him a 'p***y'.

That did not go down well with the Brazilian, who has since attacked McGregor at every available opportunity, insisting that the Irishman would do anything for money. Speaking to Brazilian MMA site Combate, he said: "If we're even in the same place, I don't want him saying anything to me or trying to do anything for me. I just won't stand there. I'm not going to taunt him, but if he does, I will hit him with a chair for real," as quoted by foxsports.

"If he tries to snatch my belt, I would first have a go at Dana White. I would go crazy, like a thug. In a staredown, you never touch your opponent. Everything is already so tense, and the guy goes and touches you?

"Conor started out well, but then he went over the line, he started talking about Jesus. He just looks like a clown.

"In Brazil, we call them prostitutes, because they do anything for money. He's a sellout. Of course, it's important to fight for money, but that guy will sell out for anything. I wouldn't doubt he would sell out his ass. I wouldn't do it."

McGregor suffered the first loss of his career at UFC 196, losing to Nate Diaz who won via a submission. There are rumours that McGregor and Diaz will take part in a potential re-match at UFC 200.