Justin Gatlin
Gatlin ran the fastest 100m of the year in Doha. Getty Images

US sprinter Justin Gatlin has taken aim at organisers of the Beijing World Challenge after he was told he was not wanted at the annual meet.

Gatlin said the organisers had shown him a lack of respect prior to the event on 20 May which was set to see the 33-year-old run again less than a week after he set the record for the fastest 100m of the year of 9.74 seconds in Doha.

The twice convicted doping cheat complained of cramp prior to the race but claimed he was prepared to compete before flying home in a rage over his reception in the Chinese capital.

"They didn't have any respect for me so they said 'you better leave'," he said. "I was happy to stay. I was cramping a lot after the fastest my body has ever run.

"I thought I was competing. I ran the fastest time by anyone since 2012 in Doha and my body was a little whacked. I had respect for the organisers telling them that I felt dehydrated but they didn't have any respect for me.

"It's crazy. I have no idea what they were thinking. I think they thought I wasn't man enough and I might pull up in the race, or not finish it and then still ask for money.

"But I'm not a man like that. I'm not the kind of guy to cheat people of their money or let the fans down, that's not what I do."

Organisers have yet to comment on Gatlin's withdrawal but the runner's manager Renaldo Nehemiah reportedly showed a text message from local officials stating they wanted the American to leave the event.

Beijing hosts the World Athletics Championships in August and Gatlin is likely to enter the 100m competition as favourite for the gold after his performance in Doha, where he ran the fastest time since 2012.