Kim Kardashian has been accused of going to extreme lengths to ensure that her daughter North West maintains her status as one of the world cutest babies.

The reality star provoked controversy after she posted an image which shows Nori up close and smiling on her Instagram page to mark her baby reaching the six-month milestone.

While thousands gushed over the little girl's cheery demeanour, some sceptical fans were quick to comment about little Nori's appearance.
Some even suggested that Kardashian may have had groomed her baby's eyebrows to perfection.

"Kim K definitely waxed her baby's unibrow," one fan said.

Another wrote: "'I swear the instagram pic Kim Kardashian just put up looks like her baby's eyebrows are filled in and waxed idc."

A third commentator said: That awkward moment when Kim Kardashian's baby has a better eyebrow game than you."

Outraged Kardashian supporters quickly leapt to Kanye West's fiancé's defences with one urging: "STOP HATING ON A BABY!"

A spokesperson for the star has slammed the allegations as "completely false".