American-Italian pop star, Lady Gaga, has apparently become the first Twitter user to have over 20 million followers.

The 25-year-old singer reportedly tops the social networking Web site's most-followed list. Canadian singer Justin Timberlake is second with 18 million, Katy Perry is next with 15.7 million and Shakira has 14.5 million, according to a BBC report.

The report also suggests Lady Gaga has 48 million fans on Facebook and is in more than 800,000 "circles" on Google+. Importantly, unlike other celebrities, she updates her accounts personally.

In fact, she is so fond of networking, she announced, last month, she was preparing to launch her own social network - "Little Monsters".

Lady Gaga, according to WebProNews, held the title of "Queen of Twitter" for some time. She was also the first to have 10 million followers (in May 2011) and by January, she had hit 18 million followers. Her rate of ascent has been so fast that even Twitter has been unable to track it. Apparently, when she hit 10 million followers, TwitterCounter - the analytics company - predicted she would hit the 20 million-mark in 400 days; she took just 300. As of now, she gains 42,000 new followers every day.