Lance Armstrong is set to make a return to competitive sport at the weekend, with the disgraced cyclist taking part in the Masters South Central Zone Swimming Championships in his home town of Texas.

US Masters Swimming events are not included in the USA or World Anti-Doping Agency umbrellas, allowing Armstrong to take place in the event despite receiving a lifetime ban from all competitive sports.

The events that Armstrong will compete in, alongside other swimmers his age and older, include freestyle races over 500 yards, 1,000 yards and 1,650 yards.

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong will compete again, in a swimming tournament at the weekend.

US Masters Swimming have insisted there have been no objections to Armstrong competing, and executive director Rob Butcher told local press of the event: "The purpose of our organisation is to encourage adults to swim."

Armstrong spent years fighting claims that he was part of one of the biggest doping cover-ups in sporting history. Last August, he said he wouldn't fight charges brought by USADA against him, claiming he had had enough of justifying himself to his critics.

The events that transpired afterwards completely changed the world's perception of what was once of the greatest sporting icons of all time. While Armstrong at first refused to comment on the findings that were released by USADA, including numerous testimony from teammates, people who worked with Armstrong and close friends of the seven-time Tour de France winner, he eventually relented and confessed all on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Even the most loyal fans were unable to defend his actions, and while Armstrong has received this life ban, he has made it clear he would like to be able to compete once again.

His refusal to cooperate with USADA might cause a fork in the road for this goal though, particularly considering how hard he fought the allegations that he has now admitted are true.