Usain Bolt is a living legend and has declared himself the greatest sprinter of all time. The 25-year-old made history in London last night and retained the Men's 200M Final title he won in at the Beijing Olympics beating his buddy Yohan Blake with a winning time of 19.32 seconds..

And in Kingston, the capital of Bolt's home, the crowds erupted in the city's Half Tree Square over his success and that of fellow team mates, Blake and Warren Weir, who clinched Silver and Bronze medals respectively, Jamaican's landing first, second and third place.

Woman says: "First, second and third. Wooooh!"

Man says: "I am happy. Me did tell you say-one, two, three. But me know say the record ah break. One, two, three we did want and we did get it. Thank God for that. Right, thank God for that. And me love Jamaica."

And spectators without tickets to get inside the actual stadium at the Olympic Park were watching on the big screens

Boy and his Dad say: "It was really exciting - some of us wanted to Blake to win, some of us wanted Bolt to win - so family tension."

Just a few miles away from where all the action happened at the stadium, Jamaicans who'd gathered at Puma Park in Brixton were ecstatic.

Woman says: "Oh my god it's so amazing! It's absolutely incredible. I am so proud of them, 1,2,3."

Man says: "Just after Jamaican Independence Day! It's just what we deserved, it is just what we got. So yeah, we loved it, we loved it."

Woman says: "I knew that Usain would win, but I actually wanted Jamaica to get first, second and third and they have. And I just think it's such a small island, amongst this, the elite athletes of the world, Jamaica has just made their mark. They're amazing, I love my country; love Jamaica!"

So Jamaica's firmly on the map as one of the finest sprinting nations in the world, proof that lightning can strike twice.

Written and voiced by Marverine Cole