Lindsay Lohan, the favourite child of controversies, has always been the interest of media and paparazzi.

Along with the news of the end of her probation term, a new video featuring her morphed pictures has hit YouTube which is going viral on the internet.

The video shows the pop star aging in 60 seconds and features a photo morph of Lohan from infancy to age 25.

The video was created by a group called VJ4raw and the description of the video read: "The shocking effects of drugs and alcohol on one of Hollywood's brightest rising stars. These personal demons took a tremendous toll on her face. Luckily she seems to be in a really good place right now so hopefully she can turn her life around and find redemption".

Lohan has her own share of legal and personal problems and she was arrested in 2007 for DUI and possession drugs.

The Mean Girls actor has officially completed her probation on 29 March.

"She was given one year to complete it all and she has completed it short of a year, and she has done everything that this court has asked of her. You've paid all your fees, paid more than you should've, but that's between you and [the probation department]," the digital spy quoted the judge Stephanie Sautner as telling Lohan.

"The only terms left for you on that case are to obey all laws. It's not that hard. I know it's kind of hard when people are following you around all the time, but that's the life you chose," the judge continued.

Lohan, is reportedly set to play the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic on the late legendary actress.

The same group has earlier created morphed pictures of Britney Spears. Take a look: