Liverpool star Daniel Agger has admitted that he wasn't really capable of playing on Saturday, but the 27 year old had to as Brendan Rodgers struggled for options in defence.

Agger won't play for Denmark when they face Turkey this Thursday in a friendly between the two sides, but played all 90 minutes for the Reds as they drew with Chelsea 1-1 at the weekend.

And he insists that he shouldn't have played for Liverpool at the weekend, but understands that Rodgers was left with no choice after Martin Skrtle pulled out with an illness.

"I should not have played on Sunday but Skrtel became ill and there was not much I could do. I was thrown into it," he told TV2 in Denmark.

"I have a pulled groin. It was something that should have kept me out on Sunday but it did not. I played the game.

"It takes hopefully only a few days [to recover].

"The reason why I have cancelled for Wednesday is that it is a bit early to play three days after I played 90 minutes with a groin problem."

Daniel Agger
Daniel Agger admits he was injured when he played for Liverpool at the weekend.

Liverpool's issues with a thin squad have long been documented, and while Brendan Rodgers has insisted that in January the club will look at bringing fresh faces into the fold, a striker has been the only position widely discussed as the Reds look to find more support for Luis Suarez and push for a top four spot once more.

Agger is an integral part of the Liverpool squad when fit, and will be sorely missed by Denmark as they prepare for their friendly.

And as a result of his contributions to club and country, the defender won the nation's Player of the Year, and he insists that his attitude when suffering a setback has been what sets him apart from the rest.

"I'm really committed to spending all my time involved in football," he explained. "I have to admit that there were times when I doubted that I would ever stand here.

"I have been down and out with injuries but awards like this make me want to keep going.

"It is my attitude that means I am standing in this position."