Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has expressed his bewilderment at Sir Alex Ferguson' comment that he does not consider the 33-year-old a top player as the Scotsman had tried to sign him on a seven year deal when he was 13.

Manchester United's former manager had written in his autobiography that he does not consider Gerrard an exceptional talent, something which had touched the nerves of many people across the globe. The England captain has spent more than 15 years at Anfield where he has won two FA Cups, three League Cup and the UEFA Champions Trophy. The Premier League has eluded him thus far but Gerrard is looking to put things right by helping his team challenge for the title this season.

The veteran midfielder revealed that he was taken aback by Ferguson' revelations but insists that he did not lose sleep as the former United manager is free to voice his opinion.

"I had a letter off them, wanting to sign me on a seven-year deal when I was 13 years of age. Then he tried to sign me again in early 2002/2003. I obviously refused, so I can't really take it to heart too much. I was genuinely a little bit gutted when I read his comments, when he said I wasn't a top, top player. But I won't lose sleep over it - everyone is entitled to their opinion," Gerrard said.

"I'm a huge fan of Alex Ferguson and what he's done in the game is fantastic, that's the reason why he sold that many copies in the first week," he added.

However, the Liverpool man did confess to being tempted by Jose Mourinho's offer at Chelsea and that the desire to win the Premier League trophy was playing in his head.

"It did turn my head, because big things were happening at Chelsea. They were spending huge amounts of money and, at Liverpool at the time, we were struggling and my relationship with (Rafa) Benitez was a bit up and down. There's none bigger than the Premier League and that's the one that eludes me. But I'd love to be in the position we're in now with 10 games to play. That would be a dream for me," he said.