A medal drought yesterday, so Day 13 of the London 2012 Olympics looks set to be a scorcher. That number might be unlucky for some but we're pretty hopeful that it will be extraordinarily lucky for Yorkshire lass and Boxing star Nicola Adams. Later on this afternoon she's got the chance to be the sport's first ever Olympic Champion. She's up against 3 times world champ Ren Cancan of China, but Nicola says she's on form.

Speaking of Yorkshire, the rural county is just brimming with Olympic Medal talent. 5 Golds from Team Yorkshire alone apparently including Jessica Ennis and Alaistair Brownlee (on the right, he brother Johnathan got the Bronze) as well as a raft of others. And she's hoping that the Olympics will boost the UK as a sporting nation.

So what else do we need to look out for on the Team GB medals front today then? The Sprint Canoe and Rachel Cawthorn's hoping to get some of the same limelight if she gets Gold.

Already part of a Gold trio, Charlotte DuJardin (in the middle of her chums Laura Bechtolsheimer and Carl Hester here) is striking out on her own today. She seems like the brightest hope in the Individual Dressage Grand Prix freestyle this afternoon.

Keri-Anne Payne competes in the Open-Water Swimming 10km Marathon) white flash to.

In Sailing this lunchtime Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell are assured to walk away with a Silver at the very least, but could go one better in the 470 class. In the Hockey, we face the Netherlands.

And yes, I know I know he's not Team GB but he's surely the most popular man in Athletics right now? Jamaica's Usain Bolt appears in what could be another historic race. It was a bit of a coast for him in the semi-finals of the Men's 200m last night. So in tonight's final will he complete it under 19seconds? And do the famous victory salute that we've all come to know and love? Five to nine tonight for all the action.