Adel Tlatli
The Tunisian national coach was seen slapping a player during an Olympic match with the US Reuters

Tunisia's basketball coach showed the stress of facing the US basketball team in the London Olympics after he lashed out at player during a pre-game huddle.

After one player appears distracted as his coach gives instructions, Adel Tlatli raises his left hand and slaps the player along the right side of his face.

Fans have since flooded the web to share their reactions of the coach's aggressive behaviour.

But while some viewers deemed the slaps as unacceptable during an Olympic game, some supported his actions.

One commentator said: "This is absolutely unacceptable. If I were that player, I would have slapped right back the s**t out of that sob."

While another wrote:"That was a more like a "Pay attention, stop tying your damn shoes. We're down by like 30 but we can still win, I'm f**king with you we're screwed" slap. Not a spiteful one."

The Tunisian basketball team went on to lose to the U.S by of 110-63.