For many, it was clearly the day of Mr Bean and James Bond at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

Both the British iconic characters stamped their mark on the ceremony with their inimitable styles which left television audiences across the world spellbound.

While the Queen turned Bond girl, albeit in a movie clip, Rowan Atkinson, best known as Mr Bean, makes no mistakes during his four-minute caper through the Chariots of Fire.

Mr Bean begins by playing a single note on the keyboard and while other members of the orchestra join in, he quickly gets bored. He then pulls out his mobile to text or rather take a picture of the person next to him, all done in no time.

In the same vein, Mr Bean tries reaching out for a tissue since he starts sneezing. Unable to do so, he luckily finds an umbrella to place one of his hands playing the same repetitive note and then successfully lays his hand on the tissue.

Once again bored with his nose and sneeze, Mr Bean continues his daydreaming but lags behind the orchestra playing the same note as others stop. The antics leave the stadium in splits.

Earlier, the Queen left the audience wonderstruck with her movie debut as she joined James Bond. In the previously filmed scene, Bond actor Daniel Craig arrives at Buckingham Palace to pick up the Queen on way to the Olympic Stadium.

"Good Evening Mr Bond," says the Queen after which the monarch accompanied by 007 heads towards the helicopter.

The helicopter flies across important places in London as Winston Churchill waves at the Queen. The Queen followed by Bond parachutes her way into the stadium to great amusement of the crowd. Within seconds, the real Queen and Prince Phillip arrive at the stadium in real time for the ceremony.

For full ceremony video click here.