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Thousands of athletes representing the 204 competing countries took part in the athletes' parade in the Olympic stadium which reflected the cultural uniqueness of each nation.

The team parades were as spectacular as the opening ceremony of the London Olympics Games.

Greece was the first team to wave to the cheering crowd, according to the games' tradition and Team GB was the last to parade as they belonged to the host nation.

All the other teams entered the stadium according to the alphabetical order.

Each team was accompanied by a child holding a copper petal with the name of the country inscribed on it.

Some of the famous flag bearers include Usain Bolt for Jamaica, Novak Djokovich for Serbia and Sir Chris Hoy for Team GB. The athletes' parade lasted for nearly 90 minutes.

Important personalities around the world including national leaders were present in the stadium to watch the opening ceremony and the athletes' parade.

The three-hour dazzling extravaganza- the Isle of Wonder- showcased Britain's country life and its rich cultural heritage.

Britain's national heroes such as Sir Paul McCartney, David Beckham and James Bond star Daniel Craig were featured in the show alongside dancing surgeons from the NHS and live sheep.

The Oscar winning director Danny Boyle even planned a dramatic entry for the Queen. In a specially filmed segment, the Queen was seen parachute in to the stadium from a helicopter along with her most famous secret agent James Bond 007 played by actor Daniel Craig.

David Beckham also made dramatic entry in a speedboat down the River Thames carrying the Olympic Torch.

The Olympic cauldron was lighted by seven young athletes marking the beginning of the London 2012 Olympics Games.

Take a look at the introduction of the teams as part of the opening of the XXX Olympics Games: