Outspoken Conservative MP Louise Mensch had ditched her Corby constituents for a life in New York with her family.

Citing difficulties in balancing family commitments with her political career, Mensch is uprooting England to live in the Big Apple with husband Peter, who manages metal band Metallica.

Mensch has become a polarising figure in British politics, after maintaining a seemingly Pro-Murdoch and News International stance throughout the phone hacking scandal and subsequent Leveson inquiry.

Prime Minister David Cameron responed to Mensch's resignation letter by saying in response, "You have been a truly inspiring Member of Parliament."

The result is good news for the Labour party. Corby is one of the constituencies Labour leader Ed Miliband will think he can win back, as the party looks to continue the momentum that has seen them rise over 10 points clear of the Conservative's in the polls.

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