Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra
The racism row rumbles on. Reuters

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has been found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra and has subsequently been handed an eight game ban by the Football Association.

The Liverpool star has also been fined £40,000 for the abuse which is alleged to have happened during the 1-1 draw at Anfield against Manchester United in October.

The news regarding the long running case involving the aforementioned Liverpool star and his Manchester United counterpart broke late on Tuesday evening, after an independent regulatory commission deemed Suarez guilty of the allegations charged against him, subject to appeal.

In the aftermath of Manchester United's draw at Liverpool on October 15, Evra claimed to French TV that he had been racially abused by Liverpool's Suarez on ten separate occasions.

The FA said in a statement: "An Independent Regulatory Commission has today found a charge of misconduct against Luis Suárez proven, and have issued a suspension for a period of eight matches as well as fining him £40,000, pending appeal.

"Mr Suárez has the right to appeal the decision of the Independent Regulatory Commission to an Appeal Board. An appeal must be lodged within 14 days of the date of the written reasons for the decision.

"The penalty is suspended until after the outcome of any appeal, or the time for appealing expires, or should Mr Suárez decide not to appeal. The reason for this is to ensure that the penalty does not take effect before any appeal so that Mr Suárez has an effective right of appeal."

The panel deliberating over the protracted incident involving Liverpool and Manchester United consisted of Paul Goulding, QC, Brian Jones, who is the chairman of the Sheffield and Hallamshire FA, and the former Sunderland manager Denis Smith, had initially convened on Wednesday last week in the hope they could agree upon a verdict on the Liverpool star by Friday.

The delay in proceedings appeared to centre on the complexities of the case, and in particular the difference between cultural nuances and racial abuse. The Liverpool striker has been deemed guilty of the latter in regards to his comments directed towards Manchester United's Evra.

The commission's ruling stated: "Mr Suárez used insulting words towards Mr Evra during the match contrary to FA Rule E3(1); The insulting words used by Mr Suárez included a reference to Mr Evra's colour within the meaning of Rule E3(2);

"Mr Suárez shall be warned as to his future conduct, be suspended for eight matches covering all first team competitive matches and fined the sum of £40,000;

"The [penalty] is suspended pending the outcome of any appeal lodged by Mr Suárez against this decision."

In response to the verdict, Liverpool issued a lengthy statement expressing their surprise and disappointment. The statement also expressed their disappointment at the FA and indeed the aforementioned Manchester United fullback.