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It's one thing to fight with your siblings but it's another thing entirely to a. do it when you are a mega famous, and to b. air you dirty laundry out in public.

But it seems that former Spice Girl Mel B and her younger sister Danielle Brown are not worried about doing either.

The siblings, who reportedly drifted apart when Mel married Stephen Belafonte three years ago, recently brought to light their ongoing fued when they had a very strange exchange on Twitter.

The bitter battle of words began after bizarre messages emerged on Mel B's timeline and despite insisting that her account had been hacked, her younger sister refused to believe her.

Danielle instead began a fully-fledged rant claiming that she was worried about Mel's mental state and demanding a family meeting.

She tweeted: "officialmelb STRANGE to hear you,stephen and hacker all said money and fam dont mix.I am so worried about you melanie"

"@officialmelb Enough is Enough we need a family meeting.you me mum and dad No Film crew no cameras and NO STEPHEN!!!

"U,Stephen stansbury and hacker all said the same!! so painful to hear my niece is suffering + mum and dad."

She later wrote: "All of us are worried about your mental state and are the kids safe???"

It is unknown what sparked the row but clearly Danielle wanted to make sure that her concerns were heard.

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