Mexican black king snake PIC: SPCA

Mexican black kingsnake PIC: SPCA

A woman in Scotland got the fright of her life when she found a huge shiny snake slithering towards her in a corridor outside her flat.

The scary looking black serpent - a Mexican black kingsnake, measured two feet long and had gone on the loose after escaping from its owner in the residential block in Glenrothes, Fife.

The jet black reptile navigated its way to freedom via the building's pipe system. It uses its body to kill prey by wrapping itself around victims and squeezing them to death.

But the woman who spotted it on the floor showed serious presence of mind by guiding the kingsnake in to a pillow case and then calling animal welfare experts from the Scottish welfare charity, SPCA

They took it in to care and named it Treacle, due to its distinctive colour. An appeal has been launched for the owner to come forward and claim their unusual pet.

Animal rescue officer Kieran Smart said: "The lady who found Treacle was rather brave and managed to contain him in a pillowcase until I arrived.

"Although Treacle was flicking his tail and letting us know he wasn't best pleased that we'd put an end to his adventure, he soon settled down after a short ride to our centre in the back of my van. He actually seems to be a fairly docile chap who is in good overall health.

"Treacle may have found his way into this lady's flat by travelling along pipework within the wall cavity so we think it's possible his owner lives within the building.

"However, it's a very large building with lots of flats inside so we're asking this person to contact us to reclaim their lost pet. If no-one claims Treacle we'll find him a loving new home."