Content hungry basketball fans are watching "The Last Dance," a 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan's career as an NBA player. Jordan's own daughter, Jasmine, is watching the documentary with the world and is amazed at what she is learning about her own father for the first time.

Jasmine Jordan was just over six years old when Jordan made his historic "Last Shot" to win the 1997-1998 NBA finals. While she knows that her father is a great basketball player who led the Bulls into a decade-long domination of the world's premier basketball league, she didn't know how hard it was for him.

According to Sky Sports, Jasmine, now 27, admits that she was very young at the time, and is absorbing the series more as a fan than a daughter. The series is not just about Jordan's career where everyone knows he won championships. It also went into his gambling problem and the murder of his father. These are things that Jasmine heard about, but she never really knew how much it affected her illustrious father at the time.

"It has been incredible to watch," she gushed. "So it has been really eye-opening. I think if you remove the basketball aspect and all the accolades he achieved for obvious reasons. I think I am definitely learning that my dad was really trying to take in the pressures and the expectations and not allowing it to weigh on him and really manifesting it to his own," she shared.

Furthermore, she shared her thoughts on the G.O.A.T. label that her father carries on his shoulders. "I have definitely been seeing him really take on that role and embracing that role and not running from it and really becoming the greatest player to ever play the game. That is because he always wanted to do that," she concluded.

The Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan was a real force to be reckoned with. His teammates describe him as a slave driver who will whip them into shape with a passion. It even got to the point where Jordan punched current Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr in the face. They also say that he is a different person outside the court. Much more fun and laid-back and basically "a good guy" to be around.

Like most of the people her age, Jasmine Jordan is seeing the "True Bull" Jordan for the first time. It's just amazing what the greatest basketball player of all time has been through to earn that title.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls Reuters