With just two days to go until Egypt's historic first democratic presidential election, and The Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Mursi, who faces the ex-PM Ahmed Shafiq, has warned that there are dangerous days ahead. If, power is returned, to those linked to the previous regime.

Speaking in Arabic at a news conference in Cairo, this is what he had to say

"We will continue with our journey and observe closely, and if there is any fraud we already know what the consequences will be - a revolution against the criminals, a revolution against those who protect the criminals. A revolution until the goals of the January 25th revolution are fully achieved."

Here are jubilant supporters at the Shafiq campaign rally when the ruling was announced for the ex PM to be allowed to re stand.

While over in Tahrir Square thousands of Mursi supporters were in an angry mood, surrounding the Egyptian Constitutional court.

There are fears that the massed crowds gathered in support of Mursi at Tahrir Square may show their anger after Friday prayers today when demonstrations are usually held.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter