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Twitter is now officially an intragalactic social media, as the first tweets coming from another planet of the Milky Way are spreading over the web.

Landed on Mars after an eight-month interstellar trip, Nasa's robot Curiosity started tweeting directly from the Red Planet.

"It once was one small step..now it is six big wheels," said the rover just after landing, paraphrasing the famous sentence pronounced by Neil Armstrong during his first moon walk in 1969.

As any modern celebrity, Curiosity has a Twitter official account, through which it is informing the world on its interplanetary mission, posting 140-charaacters messages and pictures.

"I am safely on the surface of Mars. Gale Crater I am in you!!!," Curiosity wrote after touchdown.

Peanuts and other space Tweets

Sent to Mars to investigate whether the planet has previously harboured life, the $2.5bn robot has over half million followers.

Curiosity updated them minute-by-minute during its journey with a mix of technical information and funny comments.

"2 hours to Mars, 16,300 miles away and closing fast. Velocity= 8,900mph," wrote the robot in one of its various messages.

"Pass the Peanuts! Everyone's eating peanuts right? They are a @NASAJPL good-luck tradition since Ranger 7 in 1964," the robot tweeted just before entering Mars' atmosphere.

According to a Nasa ritual, team leaders have to buy plenty of 20-ounce canisters of shelled roasted peanuts to eat in the crucial moments of a mission, since the successful launch of Nasa's Ranger 7 in 1964, when someone from the staff was spotted eating peanuts in the control room.

Curiosity's first tweet dates back to November 2010, when the robot was not yet completely build and still had to be found a name.

Nevertheless it was already showing a good sense of humour and a bit of vanity.

"I'm way cool, nearly built and I need a name," Curiosity tweeted then.

If you are interested in knowing how and when Curiosity is able to communicate form the space check this video the rover posted... on Twitter of course.