Barack Obama and David Cameron attended the basket ball game of the NCAA tournament in Dayton, Ohio on Tuesday.

The two leaders arrived at the event and sat at the front row of the court for a match between Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky.

Dressed in casuals and eating hot dogs, they looked like buddies chatting and laughing throughout the game.

In an interview to the truTV during the half time Cameron commented that it was his first basketball game and the pace was fast and furious.

Cameron said Obama helped him follow the action, while Obama said Cameron was going to return the favour by teaching him cricket, according to the Reuters report.

When questioned on how the teams are playing, Obama said that both the teams were shooting poorly. "It may be nerves," the Reuters quoted Obama as saying.

"These are not teams that normally end up coming to the tournament," he added.

Prime Minister David Cameron is on a three-day visit in the US to discuss various issues including the war in Afghanistan, the Syrian unrest, Iran's nuclear standoff and the global economy.

Cameron will be attending a luncheon hosted by the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on Wednesday and Obama will honour him with a state dinner.

Take a look at the two world leaders enjoying the basketball at Dayton, Ohio.