A museum in Iceland has one of the creepiest displays in Europe if not the world - a pair of necropants.

The magic trousers are made from the skin of a man who said his friend could dig up his corpse and fashion the pants from his dead body.

The necropants come complete with fuzzy leg hair and penis and are believed to be the only pair in existence.

According to the MailOnilne, in the 17<sup>th century Icelandic sorcerers would wear the magic trousers to bring them wealth.

The pants came to existence following a deal made between two friends. In order for the necropants, or nabrok, a person wanting to create the trousers had to get permission from a living person to use their skin before they died.

When one of the men did pass away, the friend dug up his friend's corpse and peeled off the skin from the waist, being careful not to make any holes or scratches.

Once this was done, the man had to steal a coin from a widow during Christmas Easter or Whitson and put in the scrotum of the trousers, along with a magical symbol drawn onto a piece of paper. The coin was thought to draw money into the scrotum from living people.

Passing wealth

He would then step into the necropants and the skin of the corpse would meld to the man's own.

A spokesman for the museum told the newspaper: "They would immediately be stuck with your own flesh and be part of your body."

They said the wearing of necropants was "unusual" and many believe them to be folklore. However, believers say people could wear them for the rest of their lives - but must pass them on to a willing recipient before they died themselves.

If the necropant wearer was unable to pass the pants on, their body would become infected with lice on the moment of his or her death.

"People would be able to use them as long as they lived, but they would have to get rid of them before they die. If they would find someone to take them over they could last forever," the spokesman said.

To pass on a pair of necropants, the future owner had to put their right leg into the pants before the current wearer had stepped from the left. Once the pants had been passed on, the new owner would benefit from the wealth they bring.