Between 30 and 50 people in New York have been injured, one critically, after a commuter ferry crashed into the dockside in Lower Manhattan.

The Seastreak ferry from Atlantic Highlands in New Jersey struck the Pier 11 dock as it arrived in Manhattan during rush hour at about 8:45 am local time.

The injured were escorted by rescue services on to the pier, with some carried on stretchers to awaiting ambulances. It is reported that one passenger is in a critical condition with head injuries.

Sea Streak President James Barker told NBC 4 New York, that "There was a jolt when that occurred, throwing the people forward into their seats and the walls,"

One eyewitness said the ferry "ripped open like a tin can" and people started tumbling on top of one another, hysterical and crying. Most of the injuries were on the upper level, where the people were standing while waiting to disembark.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner