Communications regulator Ofcom has published an official timetable for the upcoming 4G auction that is due to see a whole host of 4G networks up and running by the middle of next year.

The ultra-fast mobile broadband service was launched last month in the UK by EE, who rolled out the network in 11 cities across the country after Ofcom allowed them to re-farm their own 2G spectrum.

This angered rival phone networks, and prompted Ofcom to bring the bidding process forward to the end of this year.

Ofcom have now announced the timetable for the auction:

11th December is the application day where prospective bidders must submit their applications plus an initial deposit.

Throughout December applications are then reviewed by Ofcom to determine who can go on and bid in the auction.

Bidding will then begin at the start of next year, a process that could take a number of weeks.

It won't be until February of March that bidders will find out if they have been successful. License fees will then be paid by these networks and licenses will be granted by Ofcom.

These providers are then expected to roll out their 4G networks from the middle of next year.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner