After the Olympic lanes roads restricted for use by the Olympic family and athletes came into effect today all we needed was the athletes to start arriving to make use of them.

And Heathrow Airport welcomed the first athletes and officials from more than 50 countries ahead of the London 2012 Games. Some 236,955 passengers are expected to travel through the airport today, breaking the previous record of 233,562 set on 31 July, 2011. 14. Extra staff and volunteers who speak 20 languages between them have been drafted in to cope with the influx.

So as the athletes speed on their way, what about us poor travellers? Well, on July 25 the entire 30 miles of the Olympic network comes into force. So if you are tempted to chance it on the lanes, don't, you will be fined £130 pounds if you use the Games Lanes whilst restrictions are in place. And if that isn't bad enough, drivers in central London fear the knock-on effect will cause gridlock outside of the Games Lanes. Still, if you haven't got a ticket to the games, you can always stay at home and the only bit of traffic you will have to worry about is the queue to the kettle and the biccy tin !

Written and Presented by Ann Salter