A Palestinian footballer who's been on hunger strike in prison for nearly 3 months is set to be released. Mahmoud Al-Sarsak is being held by Israeli authorities on suspicion of being a militant.

Last week we told you about the outcry from celebs like French footballer & former Manchester United star Eric Canton, UEFA and others for Sarsak's release. His career was promising, he was off to a game in the West Bank to be observed by a talent scout when security forces in Israel arrested him on suspicion of being involved with Islamic Jihad. He's been held without trial for almost three years.

In light of the news support for his mother and father in Gaza is strong to say the least: "Thank God that he will be released and my biggest happiness will be when he is back home to the land of peace, the Gaza Strip. His brethren and all the people who love him are waiting for him, everyone is waiting for him."

His release could come within days as doctors are fearful for Sarsak's health: they say he's losing his sight and is incredibly weak. His family and friends will just be happy to see him again.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole