Football legend Pele, real name Edson Arantes do Nascimento, finally acknowledged his illegitimate daughter in death despite having denied paternity throughout both their lives. Apparently, the Brazilian included his daughter Sandra Regina Arantes do Nascimento in his will. He also asked to meet her two sons just 48 hours before his death.

Pele passed away in a Brazilian medical facility on December 29, 2022 after spending months going in and out of hospitals while he underwent treatment for cancer. According to a report by Marca, he asked to see his two grandsons from his illegitimate daughter even though he never acknowledged her as his own.

Unfortunately, Sandra Regina passed away also from cancer back in 2006. However, she was able to use the surname Arantes do Nascimento since 1996 after a DNA test conducted back in 1991 helped her win a court case proving that Pele is her father.

Sandra Regina was born out of an affair between the legendary footballer and his house cleaner, Anisio Machado. She gave Pele two grandchildren, whom he was finally able to meet by his deathbed.

Octávio Felinto Neto and Gabriel Arantes do Nascimento were invited by Pele's family at his bidding to visit him on December 28. The two men let bygones be bygones and expressed their joy at finally being able to put the family feud to rest. "Every family has fights and rows, ours is no different, but there are moments when union and love are more important than anything else," shared Gabriel.

He told Mirror that it was his mother's ultimate dream for the footballer to finally recognize her children. "I thank those who were happy for us, we are extremely happy and thank all of my family in advance, who were extremely receptive and loving with us!" added Gabriel.

Pele had a total of seven children, including Sandra Regina. All of them were included in his will, in a surprise move that was apparently welcomed by his entire family.

Pele scored more than 1,000 goals in one of the most storied careers in sport
Pele scored more than 1,000 goals in one of the most storied careers in sport AFP News